Our meeting for June is unfortunately postponed due to precautions for the Covid 19. 

We apologize at this time for any inconvenience this may cause. 


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The program will be on cut comb production and all things to get you equipment and apiary ready for the coming year.

Beekeeping Tips

We will be posting some monthly Beekeeping Tips to make sure everyone is doing the right things  at the right times for your honeybees.

This month's tips are provided by Jim Perkins. 

April Beekeeping Tips

Wow, spring is almost here.  You should be getting anxious to get out in the bee yard.  Be careful what you do until it is warmer.  It is too early to think about a full inspection and brood box reversals.  That will come near the end of the month.  Keep checking your stores and supplemental feeding until the blooms are out.  As the month wears on and it warms you can feed sugar syrup if necessary along with pollen substitute.

Did you order your bees if you are a new beekeeper or order additional bees if you are a veteran beekeeper?  Make sure that you are fully prepared for the arrival of your bees whether they are a package or nucleus.  You need to install your bees a quickly as possible.  This does not mean waiting until you build a new box and frames.  If you are a new beekeeper ask your mentor or seek advice from a veteran.  Getting your bees off to a quick start is imperative for a successful first year.  Feed, feed, and feed!

Near the end of the month the bees should be building up in preparation for the honey flow.  It is time to check the laying pattern of the queen.  Do you have lots of brood with few missing cells?  Great!  If not you may want to replace the queen.  Are you planning to make a split of your strongest hive?  Do you need to combine a weak hive with a stronger hive?  Use the newspaper between the boxes method.  Which queen is your better queen?  Can you use her for a split or give her to a fellow beekeeper?

You can also think about your mite assessment and treatment plans for the year.  Beating the mite population back at the start of the year will help you have a successful summer.  Do your mite count after it is warm enough to get deep into the hive.  Follow the instruction on your treatment method as too temperature and honey suppers.

Do you have supers ready to add next month?  Buy and build them before you need them.  Are you going to try comb honey production this year?  You will need different frames and foundation for comb honey.   Shim the hive to level before first nectar flow.

Thanks Jim!

Check back periodically for updates.

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