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This page is dedicated to getting help out there to any new beekeepers in our areas.


Here is a list of experienced beekeepers and their locations from our club that will go out and help anyone wanting to start beekeeping or for those beekeepers in need of help at any time. 


Please send a message with your contact information to the club from our site requesting one of our nearest members to you, to contact you. 



Jim Barber - Friendsville, Choconut 


Aubrey Elbrecht - Hallstead, Great Bend, Franklin, New Milford


Jim Mislevy - Tunkhannock


Patrick O'Brien - Brooklyn, Dimock, Kingsley

Jim Moronski - Brackney, Montrose


Jim Perkins - Hallstead, Mew Milford, Montrose

Dave Taylor - Falls, Clarks Summit, Tunkhannock


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